Photo: Travelling Country Band with Anne, (Robbie in the middle)

I am very sad to tell you that Robbie Souter, the great drummer of the Travelling Country Band, died in hospital last Thursday morning.  He suffered ill health for quite a long time, but we depended on him to bounce back every time. Sadly, this time it was just beyond him and we won’t be seeing Rob up behind the drums any more.
Robbie joined the TCB in 1989 or 90, and was the solid backbone of Slim’s rhythm section sound with Rod Coe on bass. He was a popular member of the group, getting along with everyone and taking all the jibes about “running on Coke” with a grin.  He was right in to all the band get togethers, and the last one we had was up at the farm in Nulla Creek after the Slim Dusty festival last October, and after playing at Anne’s gig at the old Bellbrook Pub.
Rob’s career was a long one, and a varied one.  He was a valued member of the Dynamic Hepnotics, and later of Mental as Anything.  He toured and also recorded regularly with Slim and with Anne Kirkpatrick… he certainly played country and country rock with style.  He will be missed very much.
Many happy campfires, Robbie.