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Graveyard Hill

December 1, 2020

Dear Friends from There (and Back Again), When Slim and I bought back his old Nulla Nulla Creek farm, one of the things that touched me deeply was to find a little cement block with a small brass plaque marking a baby’s grave.  It lay on a ridge looking out to the mountainside of the […]

Film Feedback

November 19, 2020

Hello again, everyone, I’ve been hearing some really nice things about how the film is being received in different places. I received a letter from the lovely people in Emerald, Queensland, who are fundraisers for a charity named “Our Rainbow House”.  This is a school and home for displaced children in Zambia, Africa. They made […]

I Don’t Believe You

November 8, 2020

Hello, friends, I hope all is well with you and yours.  It’s good to have something different happening that we can talk about in these very weird pandemic days. I would like to tell you a bit more about the premiere at Kempsey.  The new theatre has a large foyer wall featuring a huge sketch […]

Kempsey Premiere

October 28, 2020

Hello there! It has been far too long since I called in with my diary, and I must apologise for that indeed.  However, I guess you all know that at long last, despite the pandemic and lockdowns, our film/documentary Slim and I, has finally hit the big screen in theatres all over the place and […]

Slim Dusty Country Music Festival & Anne's Tour of Tasmania

November 23, 2017

Once again, the Slim Dusty Country Music Festival was a great success, with visitors from all over.  It hosted some fine bush ballad talent, including Jeff Brown…Anne and Jeff sang a couple of duets including “Orchid Street”.The Family Reunion Anniversary concert included Anne, David, James Arneman and wife Flora Smith, plus Dianne and Sandra Lindsay […]

Preparing for Slim's Birthday (June 13th)

May 22, 2017

This past week I have spent time at the Centre, where we are beginning arrangements for some celebrations of Slim’s birthday on June 13th.  More news about that a bit later, as I took up a load of interesting items given to Slim and me over the years, and some of the things Slim collected […]

May 16, 2017

Photo: Travelling Country Band with Anne, (Robbie in the middle) I am very sad to tell you that Robbie Souter, the great drummer of the Travelling Country Band, died in hospital last Thursday morning.  He suffered ill health for quite a long time, but we depended on him to bounce back every time. Sadly, this […]

A few things happened in April…

May 3, 2017

Hello everyone, April seems to have come and gone so quickly that I have not caught up with it, or myself either.  There was firstly, the 60th anniversary of Slim’s recording the Pub on 1st April, and then on the 14th was the story of Slim’s voice being beamed to earth from space by the […]

In Memory of John Minson "Mr. Hoedown"

March 14, 2017

I feel that many of you will join with me in sending condolences to the family of the late John Minson, “Mr. Hoedown” of Radio 2TM’s famous, and long lived, country music programme. John’s friendly voice was a uniting thread to all of us in the outback and in the country everywhere.  Slim and I […]

Dick and Pip Smith Visit the Slim Dusty Centre

March 2, 2017

Hi Everyone,I wanted to share an aerial photo of the Slim Dusty Centre that Pip Smith took as she and Dick flew in for their visit last month. They said they had a great time, and were most impressed with the size and quality of the building itself, and all the exhibits on display. Pip […]

Family Members Travelling Still

February 23, 2017

Hello everyone! I’m hoping the worst of the recent, long heatwave is receding and everyone can just enjoy a day at the beach or out and about without being literally fried.  I have very distinct memories of the heatwaves up at Doyles Creek in the Hunter region.  As a child, I loved the excitement of […]

Tamworth 2017 in Review

January 31, 2017

I am just back from the festival and the Golden Guitar Awards in Tamworth, and drawing breath after all the activities during the past week.  I was honoured to be asked to receive the prestigious Songmaker Award from the Tamworth Songwriters’ Association on behalf of Tony Brooks.  Tony was a wonderful lyric writer, and we […]

Happy New Year!

January 23, 2017

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope that 2017 will bring health, happiness and prosperity to all, and that we get to live together in peace and harmony. It has been a busy time over Christmas and then the holiday period. David and Jane plus their son Danny with Emily and the two […]


August 15, 2016

Have a guess at the following:  Which two towns are the only two where Slim had to sing a certain song twice in the same night’s programme? I’ll give you the answer:  The first one was Dimbulah on the fringe of the Atherton Tableland, North Queensland.  The Italian tobacco farmers loved Slim singing “New Australian […]

Indian Pacific

July 18, 2016

Just wanted to say what a difference the Indian Pacific train has made to travelling across the Nullarbor.  Here’s a photo of my niece Dianne Lindsay and husband Peter Simpson on the Indian Pacific having fun in the club car singing my song for their fellow travellers. Dianne tells me that it was a big […]

The Blast of a Truck Horn

March 16, 2016

There are so many things to remember about the Opening Day for the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey. But one that stands out for me is the sound of the horn blasts from all the trucks that passed by the highway that day. Even now, the blast of the horns from semis and trucks big […]

Opening Day!

December 16, 2015

I am so pleased and happy that the long awaited Slim Dusty Centre and Museum is officially open at last. I am also very, very happy and indeed relieved, to hear the constant refrain from visitors: “It is so much bigger, and so far ahead of my expectations! I had no idea what it was […]

Slim Dusty Centre Update

August 12, 2015

It’s all systems GO at the moment. With the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey officially opening in late October this year, every team member is stretched to the limit these days. The multi-media people are working on special effects to be included in the exhibition, the Kempsey cabinet makers are delivering show cases, the curator […]

Slim Dusty Centre To Open In October 2015

April 24, 2015

The big news for all of us is that the Slim Dusty Centre & Museum up at Kempsey, Slim’s birthplace on the Macleay Valley Coast in NSW, is to officially open in October this year, 2015.  It is all go, go, go at the moment as everyone works flat out to complete installation of  the […]

The Tamworth Statues

June 20, 2014

Have you seen the statues in Tamworth yet? I’m talking of the bronze figures of Slim and me in the main street. They are life-size statues sculpted by Tanya Bartlett from Newcastle way and depict us as we appeared onstage in the fifties and sixties. It was quite an experience to see them unveiled by […]