Dick and Pip Smith Visit the Slim Dusty Centre

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share an aerial photo of the Slim Dusty Centre that Pip Smith took as she and Dick flew in for their visit last month. They said they had a great time, and were most impressed with the size and quality of the building itself, and all the exhibits on display. Pip had her camera working fulltime, and got some good pictures of Dick in the Slim Dusty exhibition…she even took a photo of me standing in front of the case that displays my wedding dress, and Dick with Old Purple and our last touring caravan.
I think I will let the photos tell more of the story about the visit…just let it be said that everyone loved meeting Dick and Pip, two of the greatest Australians I know.
The last 3 photos were taken by our curator, Julia Morrell, and capture Dick engaging with the exhibits.
Till next time, keep on keeping on, remember!
And come to visit us up in Kempsey.