Family Members Travelling Still

Hello everyone!
I’m hoping the worst of the recent, long heatwave is receding and everyone can just enjoy a day at the beach or out and about without being literally fried.  I have very distinct memories of the heatwaves up at Doyles Creek in the Hunter region.  As a child, I loved the excitement of being put in a makeshift bed out under the stars some nights when the heat made sleeping indoors impossible.  My sister Heather and I found the howling of dingoes in the hills around the old farmhouse a spine tingling accompaniment to our adventure, and the only drawback to the enjoyment was the citronella oil our mother put on us to deter the mosquitoes.  To this day, I am not keen on the odour of citronella oil.  Luckily for us, neither were the mosquitoes.
To get back to things happening more recently, family members are on the move again.  Small Town Romance, the full band,  featuring Jim Arneman and Flora Smith (Anne’s son and daughter-in-law), is appearing at two NSW clubs this coming weekend (Dates below).  Then the following week on March 3rd, Anne  heads for Western Australia with husband Greg on front of house and with Jim and Flora joining her…(more dates below). So you can catch up with them on both sides of the continent. Talk about travelling still….to quote the title of Anne’s song!
Small Town Romance                   Saturday 25th February               Hardy Bay Club (Central Coast NSW)                     7:30pm
Sunday 26th February                 Marrickville Bowling Club                                      4pm – 7pm
Anne Kirkpatrick  (with Jim and Flora)
Saturday 4th March                       Outback Country Festival, Serpentine W.A.
Sunday 5th March                         South Coast Country Club, Albany.  (on Albany Highway at the 4 mile peg)          2:30 pm
Till next time, keep on keeping on,