Film Feedback

Hello again, everyone,

I’ve been hearing some really nice things about how the film is being received in different places. I received a letter from the lovely people in Emerald, Queensland, who are fundraisers for a charity named “Our Rainbow House”.  This is a school and home for displaced children in Zambia, Africa. They made the opening night of Slim and I at their local theatre, into a fundraiser evening for “Our Rainbow House” and had a wonderful get together as well as enjoying the film and raising funds for their “Rainbow House”. 

Then there was the opening of the film in Alice Springs.  I heard that there was impromptu live music in the foyer before the start of the evening, everyone was dressed up and at the end of the film, stood and applauded just as though they were at a film festival. These kinds of stories make me feel closer to all of you.  I certainly miss being out on the road, seeing everyone.

Let’s talk again, soon.