Indian Pacific

Just wanted to say what a difference the Indian Pacific train has made to travelling across the Nullarbor.  Here’s a photo of my niece Dianne Lindsay and husband Peter Simpson on the Indian Pacific having fun in the club car singing my song for their fellow travellers. Dianne tells me that it was a big hit with passengers and with staff aboard the train who were really excited  because, as they said, it was the first time someone had actually sung the song “live” on board.

Made me remember thumping our way across the dirt roads of the Nullarbor in trucks, cars and caravans all those years ago. It also made me remember very vividly that wonderful trip across the Nullarbor in two big semis with Thompson Transport.  We headed out from the interchange of trucks and trailers at Port Augusta, meeting other trucks and listening to the radio chatter till we reached Norseman where the truckstop staff were dresses up for a country music day!  Quite a coincidence and a great welcome for us and the semis.

Today, the trucks still roll “across the paddock and back”, from the Pacific Coast to the Golden West, and although more of the road is tarred, the miles are still long. Just the same as always, truckies tell me Slim’s voice and his songs keep them company through all those hours.
Maybe he’s their co-driver!