Preparing for Slim's Birthday (June 13th)

This past week I have spent time at the Centre, where we are beginning arrangements for some celebrations of Slim’s birthday on June 13th.  More news about that a bit later, as I took up a load of interesting items given to Slim and me over the years, and some of the things Slim collected too.  Maybe you know that he was a great Star Trek fan, for instance.
I have also taken up the autographed photo signed to Slim and me, by the crew of the Columbia space shuttle.  When it passed over Australia in 1981, the crew played Slim’s recording of “Waltzing Matilda” for Australia.  The story of how the song was recorded from space to earth, will be displayed together with the photo during the birthday celebrations as one of the displays.
We are looking forward to a fun time on the big day.
See you there!