Slim Dusty Centre To Open In October 2015

The big news for all of us is that the Slim Dusty Centre & Museum up at Kempsey, Slim’s birthplace on the Macleay Valley Coast in NSW, is to officially open in October this year, 2015.  It is all go, go, go at the moment as everyone works flat out to complete installation of  the exhibition in time for the long awaited opening.  We have worked towards this day for over twelve years, with assistance and funding from all over Australia to make it finally happen.  There is a huge store of valuable memorabilia and artefacts illustrating Slim’s story and that of the country we toured all those years, and I look forward to seeing a lot of them on display for people to enjoy.
The Centre already hosts many events in our beautiful building, and we now need to complete work on the themed café and the commercial kitchen and the visitors’ centre that will form part of the “front of house” of the building.
The museum designers, Freeman Ryan, are completing the design and beginning the building of the display cases and multi-media displays.
Congratulations to all our great team of people who are working so hard, and have worked so many years, to make this happen, and thank you to every single person who helped them make it….this Slim Dusty Centre is for each and every one of you. Joy