Slim Dusty Country Music Festival & Anne's Tour of Tasmania

Once again, the Slim Dusty Country Music Festival was a great success, with visitors from all over.  It hosted some fine bush ballad talent, including Jeff Brown…Anne and Jeff sang a couple of duets including “Orchid Street”.
The Family Reunion Anniversary concert included Anne, David, James Arneman and wife Flora Smith, plus Dianne and Sandra Lindsay and Peter Simpson and the great Travelling Country Band.
Some of our visitors to the festival included Wave and Elaine Jackson from Injune, Errol and Margaret Smart from the South Coast, and Don and Marg Wilson from the Napa Valley in California USA.  Two other special people in the audience were Ced and Mary Dunbar from Kempsey itself.  They were the couple who followed the Family Reunion Tour to Queensland and back and turned up every night to cheer the family on.
Anne is heading off to Tasmania on tour very soon, with Jim and Flora (Small Town Romance) and Rod Coe (on bass) onstage with her, and with Greg on front of house.  I’ve asked her to send the list of her concerts to be included, so Tassie fans, make them welcome!
Till next time,  Slim’s sign off….Many Happy Campfires!