The Son Of Noisy Dan (A Musical Autobiography)

First released in 2013, recorded 1960-2000.
Produced by Rod Coe.

  1. Singer From Down Under
  3. Son of Noisy Dan
  4. Up the Old Nulla Road
  5. Music My Dad Played to Me
  6. Sittin’ on the Old Front Verandah
  7. Yellow Gully
  8. Lace Up Shoes
  9. Slim Remembers
  10. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  11. Regal Zonophone
  12. The Day I Went Back Home
  13. Things I See Around Me
  14. Back with the Show Again
  16. On the Move
  17. What Am I Doing in This Town
  18. Old Time Country Halls
  19. The Front Row
  20. So many Ballads to Play
  21. My Son’s Guitar
  22. The Only Way
  23. Life Behind the Windscreen
  24. The Long Road
  25. Walk a Country Mile
  26. Born to be a Yodeller

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